• Jul 30, 2015
  • by Alex Tiscareno

We love our new “Infuser” Bottle. A water infuser bottle and protein blender bottle in one. We wanted to share a few of our favorite infused water recipes. Nothing more refreshing and hydrating than drinking water throughout the day infused with your favorite fruit, veggie and herb flavors. There are tons of ideas out there, but we have a few we really enjoy.

Drinking Lemon Water

These all taste amazing, however, adding some of the ingredients below is a great way to boost your alkaline levels – a better pH level for your system. Keeping your system more alkaline will help you avoid all kinds of ailments and keep you healthy. Did you know cancer cannot survive in an alkaline state? Wow! That’s why we are so excited about the benefits of lemon water in infused water recipes. The results are life changing.

The “Infuser” Protein Blender Bottle and Water Infuser Bottle in one.

Lemons are the bomb when it comes to staying alkaline – so drinking lemon water, maybe with a dash a cayenne pepper everyday is a super healthy habit to get into! Cayenne pepper is another great alkaline booster. Just a pinch, tho, unless you like to breathe fire! Definately add a little sweetener, such as honey or agave or it’s pretty tart.

Sagan Water Bottle with Infuser

Infused Water Recipes

  1. Rosemary & oranges
  2. Lemons,  limes, oranges
  3. Cucumber & mint
  4. Lemons, cinnamon and honey
  5. Cucumbers, lemons, mint
  6. Cucumber, lime and mint
  7. Rosemary & lemon
  8. Watermelon and cucumber
  9. Watermelon and mint
  10. Watermelon and strawberries
  11. Lemon and honey
  12. Lemon, honey, cinnamon, mint & cayenne pepper:

My favorite combo. I try to drink this in my water bottle every day. Try to use organic lemons. Finding a friend with a lemon tree is even better. Squeeze a bunch of lemons. Mix with desired extra ingredients (I don’t always use mint) and put into ice cube trays. Every morning I pop several lemon cubes into my water bottle, fill will filtered water and I am set! SIDE NOTE: Drinking this concoction warm is a great way to get over a sore throat and cold more quickly.

Be sure and share your favorite infused water recipes in our comments box. We are always looking for more yummy, healthy suggestions!

Sagan Water Bottle with Infuser - Detail