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Everything we do is to enhance and preserve life. We believe personal wellness is dependent upon access to pure water.

We preserve life and promote health and wellness by creating state-of-the-art water filtration products for everyday use, outdoor activities and for times of emergency. These products are reliable, easy to use and promote personal wellness and self-reliance.

Learn more about the programs with which we participate to bring clean,safe water to underserved areas of the globe.


Latest News

January 25, 2018 0 comments
What does potable water mean, anyway? I’ve heard the term for years, but it sounds pretty ominous. I checked with Siri...
January 20, 2018 0 comments
So, in the midst of reading about a real life water crisis coming soon, I jumped in the shower... actually...
November 03, 2017 0 comments
So - you have a 55 gallon drum in your garage full of emergency water storage. That’s great! You’re planning ahead...

Why Choose Us?

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    All Sagan products are innovatively engineered and manufactured of the highest grade materials to ensure optimal testing results.
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    A simple bulb hand pump pressurizes the AquaBrick™ container causing the water to flow through the filter and easily dispense through the special spout.
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    Our water filters are absolute and we stand by our results. All Sagan water filters have been independently tested and certified by qualified water laboratories.
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    We are committed to providing clean, pure healthy drinking water to everyone for everyday use, camping, hiking, outdoor adventures in addition to emergency and survival situations.

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