• May 22, 2017
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  • by April Muir

Super excited about this good news! If you have a 55 Gallon Drum full of emergency water - now you can easily filter AND pump out the water. This has been a bit tricky in the past. Sagan Industries has created the best of both worlds, providing an easy to use pump and water filter, which provides pure, clean drinking water. Simply insert the Water Filter Pump into your 55 gallon Drum and you can purify about five 55 gallon drums of water - a very cool deal. 


The 55 Gallon Drum Water Filter Pump Kit includes the filter cap; the water filter; the dispensing valve; and the hand pump, as well as the tubing you'll need to insert the filter into the drum.

Assembling the Water Filter Pump Kit

Assembly is easy. Simply take the water filter with the tubing - which is already attached - and insert the end of the tubing into the inside of the filter cap. Give a little twist and it will attach. Next take the dispensing valve and using the "quick connect" attachment snap it on top of the filter cap. The water dispensing valve has a sanitary cover to keep your valve clean and protected when not in use. Next you'll insert the hand pump to the top of the filter cap. Now the water filter pump is ready to install into the 55 gallon drum. 

You'll need to use the bung ranch one last time to remove the plug from the drum.

Once it's removed simply take the water filter and lower into the 55 gallon drum, twist on the filter cap and tighten. You want to give it a pretty good twist here because you're going to pressurize the drum with air to remove the water.

Pressurizing Your 55 Gallon Drum

Now it's time to pressurize the drum. Simply use the hand pump and squeeze it repeatedly filling the empty space in your 55 gallon drum with air. The air pressure is what's going to force the water through the filter; up through the tubing and out the valve, giving you fresh clean drinking water.

This system provides 6 cups of safe purified drinking water every minute. That's about 1 gallon every three minutes. Simple air pressure pumps and filters water at the same time, removing any plastic taste, bacteria or any other unwanted toxins floating around in your drum.

Remove and Store Your 55 Gallon Drum Water Filter Pump 

When you're done using the pump, slowly twist off the filter cap releasing the air pressure. Remove the water filter pump and store in a dry place. Since the water is not especially contaminated to begin with - one filter should be able to purify about five 55 gallon drums. The kit also comes with a handy twist on cap to place on your drum when not in use.