• Mar 22, 2023
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  • by April Muir

If you have a 55 Gallon Drum full of emergency water sitting in your garage - for who knows how long - now you can easily pump AND purify the water at the same time. Super excited about this good news! Sagan Life® has created the best of both worlds, providing a fast, easy way to pump and filter water, providing pure, clean drinking water immediately. The AquaDrum™ 55 Gallon Drum Water Purification System is simple to use. Just insert the hand pump or rechargeable battery pump into your 55 gallon drum (drum is not included with the system) and purify about five 55 gallon drums of water.   

The AquaDrum™ 55 Gallon Water Filter system includes the Battery Charged Power Pump; Hand Pump; Journey Water Filter and the tubing you'll need to insert the filter into the drum.

Assembling the 55 Gallon Drum Water Purification System

Assembly is quick, easy and you can use the water immediately. The hand pump and rechargeable battery pump each draw water through the filter and out of the drum – providing gallons of pure, clean drinking water instantly from your water barrel. ‘Quick Connect’ (easy snap-together) pieces easily connect the components. 

POWER PUMP: Attach the Power Pump to the Journey™ Filter using the quick connect components and tubing. Drop the filter into the water barrel. It pretty much sits on top of the barrel opening. Push the button on the Power Pump and pure clean water immediately flows.

The Power Pump flows continuously. When the Power Pump slows down a bit – you’ll know it’s time for a recharge using the USB cable it comes with.

HAND PUMP: Attach the Hand Pump to the Journey™ Filter using the quick connect components and tubing. Drop the filter into the water drum. Pump the bulb manually a few times to get it primed and water will begin to dispense from the pump. The hand pump can also be used as a siphon, offering a third way to obtain water from your drum. 

Use this water barrel purification system to easily pump water from 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums - actually any size long term water storage container with a 2″ opening or bigger. No matter the size container of your emergency water supply storage, the AquaDrum™ System is an effective solution to get purified emergency drinking water fast.

About the High Performance Journey Filter. 

The Journey™ Filter removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E. coli; 99.99% of VIRUS; 99.99% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium and, as a result, provides pure, clean, fresh tasting water. The filter also purifies the most turbid tap water, significantly reducing lead, fluoride and other dangerous toxins from your water supply.

Each water barrel filtration system includes one Journey™ Filter, which purifies 250 gallons of water – that’s four and a half 55-gallon drums. Replacement water filters are available in the Sagan Life store.  

Store Your 55 Gallon Drum Water Filter and Use the Filter again and again. 

The Journey™ Water Filter can be dried out for storage and used again without any adverse effects. Additionally, the filter can be dropped without damaging the filter.