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Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness

Survival and emergency preparedness is on the forefront of everyone’s mind these day. You’re either a survivalist, a prepper or possibly, just a worrier at this point. Our Sagan water filters are guaranteed to make you feel a lot more comfortable, no matter the category you fall into.

We have worked hard to create the DuraFlo™ water filter and the Journey™ water filter. Both have been tested to establish the filter’s “end of life” and certified by an independent water filter laboratory to remove micro organisms such as bacteria, virus, and giardia. Our water filters have been proven to meet or exceed the United States EPA water quality standards of:

99.9999% Bacteria

99.99% Virus

99.99% Giardia/Cryptosporidium

The DuraFlo™ Water Filter works up to 700 gallons – the Journey™ Water Filter for up to 250 gallons. And these tests were done spiking the water with unbelievable crud every 25 gallons. So considering the water you’ll be drinking is probably not going be quite as turbid, results may vary.

Survival and Emergency Preparedness Gear Must Have

These water filters should be in your survival gear and emergency preparedness kits. They are perfect for sheltering in place. However, should flood, fires, earthquakes or any type of disaster drive you out of your home, they are easily transportable. A must have for survival and emergency preparedness gear.

We claim our water filters “make any water safe”. We stand by that claim after years of testing, devoting countless hours and lots of dollars to make sure our filters will provide safe water for your family – no matter what surface, street water, flood water, lake water or contaminated water of any type you may be forced to use to survive.

We always hope for the best and pray our loved ones are never caught in these precarious situations, but daily news reports from around the world make us realize we do need to be prepared for man-made and natural disasters. They occur regularly, at random times and no area is exempt from some type of disaster.