• Sep 11, 2017
  • by April Muir

Van Life - Best Way to Get Clean Drinking Water

Van Life - I am in awe of how many van lifers are out there today. People just pack the basics (and I mean basics) into their customized vans and go live the Van Life - which actually seems like an awesome way to live life to its fullest. Vanlifers travel world and experience what ever life has to offer. No more 9 to 5 in an office. They live with the bare necessities, however, most of them have awesome vans; are really well organized and seem quite comfortable - not to mention really relaxed and happy!!!

Necessities for the Van Life 

Obviously clean drinking water and fire are two of the top needs when your traveling. Safe, clean drinking water and an easy way to cook without always having to replenish your propane tanks. So we offered two great solutions to some #vanlifers on Instagram. Check out all the Van Lifers on Instagram - you'll realize how many of us are missing the boat - or, um, I guess the van. LOL. 

Our Van Life Gear Testers  

Van Life clean drinking water source - the AquaBrick Water Filter

We asked van lifers @irietoaurora to test out our AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System, as well as the Kelly Kettle camping kettle and camp stove. We love the Kelly Kettle, too and also makes great gear for the outdoor lovers, as it boils water super fast and cooks food. It allows you to build a little fire in the fire base to cook dinner, roast marshmallows or put the kettle on for a quick cuppa somethin' in about 5 minutes. Chances are if you're in need of coffee, tea or hot cocoa early morning or late at night - Starbucks is a ways off!  

Save Big on Fuel Canisters and Waste

The very best thing about the Kelly Kettle - well one of them anyway - is that is uses all natural fuel. Any sticks, twigs, brush, pine cones or debris laying around will start a fire. 

Thumbs Up on the AquaBrick™! 

The most rewarding part of our job is hearing how much people love using Sagan Water Filters. That's why we build them! So, here's a super testimonial from Dustin and Naomi from the road, living in their very cool van. They were quite impressed. I really can't think of a better piece of gear for living the van life. Here's their feedback. 


"The AquaBrick™ Takes Going Off Grid to a Whole New Level"

"Let's just say the AquaBrick™ Water Purification system takes going off grid to a whole new level. Living on the road full time and being outdoor enthusiasts takes us to remote places where we usually stay for a week to two at a time. As long as we have a water source nearby we never have to worry about running out of clean drinking water.

No matter how sketchy the water source, we have confidence knowing we can filter out any harmful bacteria. And the water filtered through the Sagan AquaBrick™ filter tastes amazing, crisp and refreshing. 

The filtration system is easy to use once the brick is filled. Just attach the pieces and put the DuroFlo™ Filter (which comes with the system) inside the brick, pump for pressure and pour from the spigot with no worries.

Plus it looks cool! We use it as our primary water container and put all our drinking water through the filter because, why not? It rides strapped to the back of our van at all times.

I recommend Sagan AquaBrick™ Water Filtration systems to any outdoor enthusiast. It is a must have if you spend time off grid or if you just want an extra level of comfort knowing your drinking water is clean and safe." 


Dustin and Noami

Irie to Aurora

How Does the AquaBrick™ Work? 


Van life water storage solutionsThe part of the AquaBrick™ Water Filter which does all the hard work is the DuraFlo™ Filter. This water filter is extremely effective and removes bacteria, like E.coli, virus, crytosporidium, giardia, chlorine and tons of other toxins. I use  mine at home to filter tap water. Too much garbage in tap water these days to take chances. 

The DuraFlo™ filter has some pretty amazing muscle! We have had it tested and certified to show EXACTLY how many gallons of water it filters. See the pretty water drop below... and yes, it does filter out virus if you're vanlifers traveling to other parts of the world where virus may be present in the water. This water purifier will filter any non-salt water source providing clean, safe potable water. Period. 








Water-filtration-for-van-lifers | Water-filter-for survival








So that's our story on the AquaBrick™ experience from @irietoaurora. Follow them on Instagram - and while you're at it follow @saganlife too. We have so much effective water purification equipment - if you're in need of clean drinking water - check us out.