• Sep 22, 2017
  • by April Muir

Best Survival Gear for Having Safe, Clean Drinking Water -

If I had to choose the best emergency gear to keep my family alive - especially with all the hurricanes, flooding and world wide disasters around the world - it would be my AquaBrick™ Water Purification System. 

I would not be without mine- ever. It has become my top choice in emergency gear - since water is the number one element you need to survive. Be sure to check out the video below. 


Reasons I Love My AquaBrick, Love it, Love it, Love it! 

  1. The type of water it purifies: The AquaBrick™ purifies ANY non salt water source. So, I can fill my AquaBrick™ from a lake, stream, or river. It even purifies flood water or swimming pool into safe clean, potable water. Awesome to know I always have to access to a safe, clean source of drinking water for my family. 
  2. I use it every day! Our AquaBrick sits on our kitchen counter - yep, don't care what it looks like. I know I'm getting the purest potable water possible for drinking, cooking, filling water bottles - I even heat it in the microwave every morning to steam my face! 
  3. What it removes: Bacteria, such as E.coli, virus, cryptosporidium, giardia, chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, and tons of other toxins you don't want to be drinking.
  4. How many gallons it purifies: The AquaBrick™ Water Purification System will safely purify 550 gallons of water from virus; and 700 gallons of water from bacteria, giardia and crytosporidium.
  5. Purify swimming pool water: It also will purify 500 gallons of swimming pool water (not salt water pools). So... if your swimming pool is your only source of water, the AquaBrick will purify it into pure clean drinking water! 
  6. What it removes: Removes 99.9999% of Bacteria, 99.99% of Virus, and 99.99% Giardia/Cryptosporidium.
  7. Certified by Aqua Veritas - the Micro Water Filter Quality Association. 
  8. Tested until it's END OF LIFE, which just means the water laboratory ran the equivilent of sewer water through it until it quit working - so I know exactly how much water it will purify!
  9. Really easy to use. Simply fill the AquaBrick™ with water, insert the DuraFlo™ water filter into the AquaBrick™. Use the hand pump to pressurize the brick, and safe potable water will quickly dispense from the spigot. 
  10. Portable and very easy to carry. The AquaBrick™ Container has two handles for ease of transport, as well as ease of pouring. Easy to take if you need to evacuate. 
  11. I use it in my kitchen to filter my tap water. Love it. I know no matter what the city is serving up - which is pretty iffy these days, the water we drink, cook with, etc. is purified, toxin free and clean potable water. 
  12. It holds 3 gallons of water. So when camping - go to the lake and fill your AquaBrick™ and have 3 gallons of clean, potable water. Awesome! 
  13. The container is ideal for water and food storage. It holds 20 lbs of rice, beans, or any kind of dry food. I store my cat food in an AquaBrick™ Container. No more cat food smell in my house and it's super easy to pour into kitty dishes. 
  14. Easy to clean. My hand fits into the container and I just use soapy water to wash it out. 
  15. The AquaBrick™ Containers are stack-able in a variety of configurations so you can utilize your storage space to the max. 
  16. Straps down. The AquaBrick™ Container has useful strap down grooves on the sides. 
  17. Peace of mind. Just having an AquaBrick™ Water Purification System is so comforting, especially with all the catastrophic occurrences happening these days. I know I am good to shelter in place or take it and evacuate.  

Honestly - I really love this thing. Very comforting to have this in my home with all the hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes happening around the world. You just never know...