• Apr 04, 2017
  • by April Muir

If you’re a parent and have been watching the news, you’re probably as alarmed as I am about reports showing high levels of lead in San Diego School district water sources. An article in the San Diego Union -Tribune by Jason Pfeifle spells out the gravity of the situation pretty well. I paraphrase pieces of his article.

A Therapy Dog First to Notice Lead in Water

A string of recent reports revealed high lead contamination in drinking water at several San Diego schools. The first one to notice – a therapy dog alerted officials to tainted, toxic water in a charter school class room. As Jason points out – “when dogs are sounding the alarm about lead-contaminated water, it’s pretty clear that more testing needs to be done”. So, the testing begins…

Is Lead in Drinking Water Serious?

Lead is highly toxic – and there is no safe level of lead exposure for our kids. Lead has many dangerous side effects:

  1. Lead impairs how children learn, grow and behave.
  2. Even small exposures to lead can cause permanent damage to children’s cognitive development.
  3. Recent research shows that even at blood levels lower that 5 micro-grams per deciliter OR in lay terms - a level once thought to be safe - can damage intellectual and academic abilities.
  4. These low levels of lead can cause higher rate of neurobehavioral disorders such as ADHD and poor growth in children.

Tainted School Water Fountains

Water fountains at schools are contaminated with lead – and a known source of lead exposure for kids. The water delivery systems at schools are lined with lead – from the pipes to the plumbing and fixtures. When water travels through lead pipes and plumbing, lead can leach into the very water kids drink during recess and lunch.


Schools With Lead-Tainted Water Could Prove to be a Big Problem

This could truly be the just the tip of the iceberg. Many schools in California do not test their water at their taps because testing is not mandatory for schools in our state. Additionally, new data emerging from other states should give additional cause for concern. Nearly half of the 40,000 tests conducted at schools in Massachusetts last year showed some level of lead in the water. Remember - no level of lead is safe. 

Given the high toxicity of lead, we cannot wait for tests to confirm that kids have already been exposed to this potent neurotoxin. By then, it’s already too late.

No parent should ever have to worry about lead exposures when they drop their kids off at school. California must take preventative action to ensure every child is protected from this serious health threat.

The most health protective policy for children is to remove the source of lead contamination – which means replacing the pipes and plumbing at our schools and preschools.  This would be a very costly and be a long process.

Where Else is Lead in the Water? 

One has to wonder how far reaching this problem goes. Why would only our school systems be affected? All pipes would seem to have the same issues. How do we know that all San Diego water delivery systems are safe? We don’t. The water testing is done at water plants, pronounced safe – but who knows how much lead and other toxins have leached into your water by the time it reaches your kitchen sink? Unless you test the water coming out of your own tap, you really don’t know what you're drinking.

Unfortunately, tap water is often contaminated with multiple toxins. Not only heavy metals, but industrial waste, pharmaceuticals, and even bacteria.

Jason quotes, “This will obviously be extremely costly and take a considerable amount of time. The most immediate and cost-effective solution is to use water filters certified to remove lead.”

See the Water Filter Test Results Before You Buy

The other issue facing the public is this. The personal water filtration industry is not monitored by the EPA or anyone. The EPA Standards set are often ignored, because water filter manufacturers know their claims will not be questioned.

So, bottom line, buy water filters which are proven to significantly reduce lead. And don’t just take the manufacturers word for it. Ask to see tests done on their water filters by INDEPENDENT water filtration labs – someone not affiliated with them. This is important as many companies claim to do their own tests or refuse to publish their tests as they are confidential. Hmmm. Not good for the consumer.

We Publish Our Water Filter Tests On Our Website

If you’re looking for reliable water filters which remove bacteria, virus, protozoan, copper, arsenic and significantly reduce lead and dozens of other toxins you don’t want your kids – or anyone in your family to be drinking for that matter – check out the Sagan Water Filter test results. We are also listed on an independent site called AquaVeritas.org created to monitor the claims made by water filter companies - for the benefit of the public. 

Sagan's Two Great Options to Get the Lead Out in Your Household

Sagan offers a personal filter water bottle – something your kids can take with them at school, at play and every day. Take a look at the Journey™ Filter Water Bottle. I use mine every day, everywhere. I NEVER drink tap water… anywhere.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions at all. We are here to provide you with safe drinking water to keep your family healthy through the years.

Remember what you start today will impact you and your kids for the rest of your lives…