• Mar 01, 2017
  • by April Muir

Hey everyone - Decided to film the ease and versatility of the XStream™ Straw Water Filter while on a recent outdoor adventure with my best buddy. So here's a quick one minute video on how to assemble the XStream™ Filter Straw. 

Last weekend my husband and I went to Julian for lunch - kudos to the Julian Cafe & Bakery. You've got to try their Apple Burger - they are famous for it. Loaded with grilled onions and blue cheese, it was the most spectacular hamburger I have had in ages. The food is well worth the wait if there is one. Just put your name in and go browse shops. 

Lake Cuyamaca for Future Family Fishing 

Anyway - I digress. Rolling out of the restaurant - we then headed to Lake Cuyamaca to check out the fishing locations. Beautiful place with a perfect pier to take our grand kids fishing. A fisher-woman actually caught a beautiful trout while we were there. 

The XStream™ Filter Straw is super easy to assemble, as you'll see, and gives you a four foot straw. Just drop over the side of the boat and drink. I even drank off the pier, but had to get on my belly for that - which is what we're trying to avoid - right?  

XStream™ Straw Length Options

The XStream™ Filter Straw has two length options. The first option I show, just snap the quick connect mouth piece right to the filter. Now you have a 2 foot straw to take backpacking, hiking, fishing, hunting, canoeing, etc. Where ever there's a source of fresh non salt water, this water filter straw is perfect and removes bacteria, protozoan and even virus, not to mention a "boat load" of other garbage you don't want to be drinking.  

Filter Straw - 4 Foot Option 

If you're going for a longer filter straw, simply attach the extension straw piece to the filter using the quick connect, then attach the mouth piece straw to the extension. Now you have a 4 foot water filter straw.

The XStream™ Straw Water Filter is made with medical grade tubing, and the attachments are all quick connect. This makes the straw super easy to assemble and take apart and your connections are good and strong. 

Water Filter Testing 

All water filter straws are not created equally. Sagan Water Filters have all been tested until their End of Life. This simply means an independent lab (one that does not work for us) tested all of our filters by spiking the water every 25 gallons with tons of bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, virus etc. (the equivalent of sewer water) and tested the filter until it no longer worked. So we can tell you exactly how long your Sagan water filter will be effective. Check out our test results and make sure your Water Filter Straw has test results to prove it does what it says it will do. 

Whether you're out there with a LifeStraw® or some other brand - we want you to be safe. So check the capabilities of your filter straw. 

Have fun out there!