• Aug 29, 2017
  • by April Muir

How Can We Help Houston? Especially Hurricane Harvey Children

Today, Houston has been blindsided by an unforeseen problem - Thousands of flood victims need our help.

Lift Up Houston - Help Now 

The devastation is unbelievable - images of Houston residents wading through the streets carrying their children, babies and dogs. That's pretty much it. They really didn't have time to grab much else. Our prayers go out to each of them, hoping they have been able to get their entire family out of harms way. 

I know at least one sweet family was lost as their van was overtaken by water. 

The images that most tugged at my heart strings were the elderly in a retirement home sitting in waist high water. It must be unbelievable for all of them. Although one brave spirit was sitting in her chair waist high in a water bath calmly knitting. Obviously by this time in her life, this was simply another chapter. 

All of us watch our computers, as well as news and twitter feeds for updates on Harvey asking ourselves "What can we do to help Houston?" Especially the Hurricane Harvey Children?

Houston is in an emergency alert situation in need of shelter, food and most importantly clean drinking water. They need our help. 


Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Christopher Lindahl 

Hurricane Harvey Was Relentless 

The rains from Tropical Storm Harvey began pounding the Houston region on Sunday, August 27th. Thousands of residents were left stranded – many on roof tops – awaiting rescue. Unlike many other cities in the hurricane’s path, Houston did not order evacuations before the storm, and countless residents were trapped in flooding homes. 

Hurricane Harvey - One of the Largest Disasters America Has Ever Faced

Chief of the Houston Police Department warned residents on Sunday not to take shelter in their attics “unless you have an ax or means to break through onto your roof.” Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, calling the storm “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced,” said the region would not recover anytime soon.

At the time of this writing, the rain continues to fall. With record flood waters, more than 450,000 are likely to seek Federal Aid.

About 30,000 people will seek emergency shelter.

Over 100,000 people are without power. Repair crews are having a tough time getting through the flood waters to make repairs.

Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of shelter, food and water.

These Houston residents who were going about normal tasks on Sunday, have had their lives turned upside down on Monday; and it’s going to be that way for a while.

Air Force Senior Airman Austin Helweg leads a Houston family to safety during Harvey Relief Efforts

Airforce photo by Staff Sgt. Jordan Castlen 

Clean drinking water is needed immediately

The biggest need in an emergency like this are supplies needed to sustain life. Houston is in a state of emergency alert. One of the most important life sustaining elements needed will be clean drinking water. Human beings can survive for several days without food, but only for a day or two without water.

Get Safe Water to Houston – Send Water Filters

There is no shortage of water in Houston. What is needed, and needed quickly, are water filters or water purification kits which can filter flood water and produce safe, clean drinking water. I have said this a hundred times, Sagan Water Filters will purify ANY non salt water source – even the flood water running down your street. Now they are needed to save the lives of men, woman and children of Houston, Texas.

Army National Guard assist evacuees of Hurricane Harvey

 Air National Guard Photo by Senior Master Sgt. Robert Shelley 

Lift Up Houston - Help Now 

Can a Water Filter Purify Flood Water?

YES. Sagan Life Water Filters can purify flood water into safe, clean drinking water. You can help make a difference.

There are three options of water filters available to the residents of Houston. Your donations will help us supply them with plenty of resources for clean drinking water.

Like I said – there is no shortage of water, just a shortage of effective water filters. Filters which will ensure the water they are drinking is clean and safe. I have used all three options of the filters below to drink from lakes, rivers, streams and some pretty murky pond water.

Sagan Water Filters Can Filter Flood Water 

- The AquaBrick Water Filtration System
- The XStream Straw Filter and Pump
- The Journey Water Filter Bottle

FACT: Sagan Water Filters have been tested until their end of life - which means until they quit working. Make sure if you invest in a water filter it does what it claims to do. If it seems to good to be true - it's not true! If a filter claims to filter 1,000 gallons, it should have been tested for 1,000 gallons - otherwise, it's just a guess.  

Water Purification Kit

AquaBrick Water Filtration System Filters Flood Water into Clean Drinking Water

The Sagan AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System

The ideal water purification kit in this case is the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System by Sagan Life. The System contains the sturdy AquaBrick™ Container, which holds 3 gallons of water; 1 DuraFlo™ Water Filter (treats up to 700 gallons), 1 hand pump, 1 spigot, tubing. So, essentially the AquaBrick™ becomes an Emergency Water Filter Dispenser.

How Clean is Clean Drinking Water from the AquaBrick™?

In an emergency situation like this, it’s imperative the water filters work. There is a lot of bacteria, protozoan, heavy metals and all kinds of crud floating around in the flood water. Here is what the AquaBrick™ Water Filter can do.

• Filters out 99.9999% bacteria for up to 700 gallons of turbid water
• Removes 99.99% protozoan such as cryptosporidium and giardia for up to 700 gallons
• Removes 99.99% virus (yep, virus) for up to 550 gallons
• Filters swimming pool water into safe, clean drinking water for up to 500 gallons.
• …and it’s been tested and proven to do all of the above.

Remember, all Sagan water filters are tested until their END OF LIFE. Which means we test them with contaminated water until they no longer work. We know exactly how many gallons they will filter. 

Lift Up Houston - Help Now 

The XStream Straw Water Filter and Hand Pump

Filter Straw purifies flood water | Straw extends to 4 feet

 Nicole Richards drinking pretty nasty water with the XStream™ Straw Filter

This amazing device has a water filter which filters up to 250 gallons of turbid water. It removes 99.9999% bacteria, such as e.Coli; 99.99% protozoan, such as cryptosporidium and giardia and 99.99% virus.

The straw extends to 4 feet long, so it’s easy to use and there is no need to lay down on your belly to drink water.

The hand pump allows you to pump filtered water into other containers such as water bottles, lets you wash hands and food with clean filtered water. It would be so helpful in a situation like this – making all the water around usable, drinkable water. This is the ideal emergency Straw Water Filter for situations such as this. Victims of Harvey can simply drink the flood water. 

The Journey Water Filter Bottle

Water filter bottle for children and adults purifies flood water

Journey Water Filter Bottle 

The Journey Filter Bottle also filters up to 250 gallons of turbid water. It has the same capabilities as the XStream Straw in that it removes 99.9999% Bacteria such as e.Coli; 99.99% protozoan, such as cryptosporidium and giardia; and 99.99% of virus.

As mentioned before all Sagan Filters are tested by independent water research laboratories until they cease to work – hence, End of Life.

Why Give Water Filters – Not Water Bottles?

Any solution which brings these people relief is a good solution. However, there are some solutions to help the survivors of Harvey which make more sense than others. In the Flint, Michigan water contamination emergency hundreds of thousands of bottles of water were shipped in and distributed in large cases to residents. If they wanted to cook or wash they used one bottle after another.

Sometimes preparing dinner took a couple cases of water.

Lift Up Houston - Help Now 

Doesn’t it make more sense to help the Houston hurricane victims with a more permanent solution? They have plenty of water. These water filters work for hundreds of gallons – and you can help make a difference by providing replacement filters as well as the initial water filter system. Why ship in millions of bottles of water when what is really needed is a way to purify water already on hand. 

The AquaBrick™ water filtration system holds 3 gallons of water; providing a supply of clean drinking water for families. When it’s empty – refill and repeat. Up to 550 gallons. 

The XStream™ Straw and Journey Water Filter Bottle are better solutions as well. It’s like teaching a man to fish instead of giving him just one meal. Water Filters are a longer lasting solution which can be rejuvenated with a simple replacement filter.


Lift Up Houston - Help Now 

We Recommend Pre-Filtering Water to Prolong Filter Life

Just as when we drink pond, river or lake water, we recommend pre-filtering the water through a rag or old t-shirt. Simply find an empty vessel, such as a bucket, cover it with the rag and pour the water over the cloth. This will simply catch the big chunks of debris, rocks, twigs, etc. Then filter this water with your Sagan filter, prolonging the life of your water filter.

Houston Hurricane Victims – Get Safe, Clean Drinking Water to Houston
You Can Help Make a Difference – Send Water Filters Now – Save Lives
Any donation will help the victims of Harvey.


Lift Up Houston - Help Now