• Jan 27, 2017
  • by April Muir

The new Journey Water Filter Bottles are in! They are fabulous and here are my top 3 reasons why everyone (kiddos included) should have their own!

3 Reasons to Use the Journey Filter Water Bottle from Sagan Industries on Vimeo.


#1 For All Outdoor Adventures 

If you love to camp, hike, fish, hunt, backpack, go trail running, biking or any other outdoor recreation - this filter bottle is for you. Dip it into a stream, river, lake, water fall or even melted snow! 

Since the Journey™ Water Filter Bottle  removes bacteria, (even E.coli) virus, giardia, crytosporidium, lead, aresnic, chromium, mercury and tons of other toxins - you are set and ready to go on all your outdoor excursions. So, the Journey™ Water Bottle is a "must have" piece of outdoor gear! 

#2 In Case of Emergency 

Water is the most important element you need to survive any emergency. A few cases of bottled water in your garage won't cut it, especially if you have to evacuate. Yikes - it could happen. 

Since the Journey filtered water bottle can filter ANY non-salt water source into safe drinking water (this includes the flood water running down your street) you are set. Keep a Journey in each persons bug out bag - and in each of your vehicles. 

Additionally, a small rag or towel to "pre-filter" all the big chunks of debris, dirt or whatever maybe lurking in said water. This step helps preserve the life of your filter and keeps it from clogging because of an over abundance of gunk. 

#3 Every Day Use

To me, this is actually the #1 reason to have a Journey™ Water Filter Bottle. I take mine everywhere I go. I NEVER drink tap water, ever. I have done enough research on tap water to know there is a lot going on there I want nothing to do with! 

Tap water may include pharmaceuticals, industrial waste, not to mention the E.coli water warnings which happen all too frequently in many cities. Fluoride is still added to most cities water supplies across the U.S. Even after tests have shown that the build up of fluoride in your system can wreak a havoc on your health. Tests show it may even lower your IQ, so yea, tap water is not good for anyone, especially your kids. 

Bottled Water is No Solution 

I know many people turn to bottled water, instead of tap, however that may not be the best solution either. Several brands of bottled water are just bottled tap water. Quite a scam, but oh, so true. Additionally, some brands of tap water contain fluoride. 

Since we are all trying to help out our environment, tossing those bottles is a huge addition to the collection of garbage already out of control. 

Fill On The Go

As I have mentioned numerous times in videos, posts, etc., I never leave home without my Journey™. It is so handy to fill on the go - in airports, public bathrooms, anywhere and everywhere and know the water I am drinking is pure, safe drinking water.

Since I stopped drinking tap water and using our water filters (we have an AquaBrick™ Water Filter on our kitchen counter) I have been blown away by how much my health has improved! Seriously, I struggled for 9 years with chronic fatigue; spent half my life in bed feeling run down and out of gas. Since I started using our Sagan Filters I feel re-energized and have not had a chronic fatigue bout for months. Yay! It's been awesome.