• Apr 18, 2017
  • by April Muir

Lead, arsenic and lots of interesting toxins are popping up in our community water systems. Of most concern is the amount of lead in water rearing its ugly head in our School Systems. This problem seems to be occurring in several cities across the country. But toxins in water is not limited just to schools. You are most likely being exposed to it in your own home.

Water Quality 

Rules and regulations prohibit lead in common products like gasoline and paint. However, lead poisoning is still a real problem in the United State, poisoning thousands of people each year. Much of this is due to poor water quality. Even though municipal water sources are carefully regulated, and they do test water for lead, the water is tested at their facility. The largest source of lead in drinking water occurs as the water travels through the pipes to get to your home, school, or work.

Facts About Lead Poisoning

LEAD IS POISON – AT ANY LEVEL, so even if the EPA says the level of lead in drinking water is safe… think again. 

  1. The body confuses lead with calcium and uses it as such, causing permanent damage to the health of children and adults. (I think this disturbs me the most)
  2. In children – Lead is most damaging when they six years old and younger. Growing bones, developing stronger muscles and creating many connections in their brain. 
  3. When lead, instead of essential nutrients, is “available” to the body to make bones, muscle and brain connections – permanent harm to health occurs. 

    Effects of Lead Poisoning in Children

    effects of lead poisoning in children
    Low levels of lead in children can cause:
    • Learning disabilities – decreased IQ
    • Attention deficit disorder
    • Anemia
    • Behavior issues
    • Nervous system damage
    • Speech impairment
    • Decreased muscle growth
    • Decreased bone growth
    • Kidney damage


    High levels of lead in children are:

    • Life threatening
    • Can cause seizures
    • Can cause unconsciousness
    • Can cause death 


    Effects of Lead Poisoning in Adults

    Pregnant woman are more vulnerable to the effects of lead because of their developing babies. However, all adults are susceptible to any of the health issues below. 


    Lead poisoning can cause: 


    Increased chance of illness during pregnancy

    Harm to fetus – including brain damage, miscarriage or premature birth

    Fertility problems in both men and woman

    High blood pressure

    Decreased kidney function

    Digestive issues

    Nerve disorders

    Memory and concentration problems

    Muscle and joint pain

      Drinking Water with Lead

      Lead in drinking water is at the forefront of the news today. Municipal water sources are carefully regulated and monitored, however the largest source of lead in drinking water occurs as the water travels through the pipes and ends up at the tap from which you are drinking.

      The pipes which contain lead leach a certain amount of lead into the water. If you have older pipes in your community or home the best solution is to find water filters which significantly reduce the amount of lead, heavy metals and other toxins which may be present in your tap water.

      Some information claims that you should run water for 60 seconds before using, but I personally do not feel like that's a viable solution. 

      Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

      Here’s the scary part. Someone with lead poisoning may not look or act sick. There may be no obvious symptoms.

      If you are concerned that you or your child has been exposed to lead – and if you are experiencing any of the lead poisoning symptoms above – talk to your health care provider to determine if you are at risk for lead poisoning.

      The only way to truly know for sure if you or your child has been exposed to lead is to have their blood tested.

      Ongoing Issues of Toxic Tap Water

      In California alone, the latest data from California’s Water Resources Control Board shows some 700,000 Californians are currently being exposed to lead contaminated water at home, work or school.

      Because the state data doesn’t account for the nearly 2 million Californians still relying on private wells or factor in contamination from Chromium-6, experts said the number of people with toxic water is likely even higher.

      This is a problem of immense proportion. Our family’s health and well being depends on us making good choices to avoid as much lead, arsenic, chromium and other toxins contaminating many of our water sources today.

      For information on water filters which can make a significant difference in the health of your family, please visit our website: www.saganindustries.com. Our water filter test results can be viewed on our website. 

      Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the quality of water your family is consuming. Water is our business. Your health is our main concern. 

      The Sagan Team

      Sources: The majority of this information was gathered from NBC news reporters, the California Water Resources Control Board and KingCounty.gov.