• Oct 16, 2017
  • by A. Easton

Water Contamination Solutions - 

Are you concerned about water contamination? I know I am - and we all have good reason to be.

Whether you’re -

  • one of the millions of people affected by the unbelievable water crisis happening right now, caused by hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes or wildfires
  • concerned about taking care of your family “just in case” you, too, may find yourself in survival mode
  • OR simply interested in preserving your everyday health...

I am going to share with you some sure-fire solutions I use everyday to always have access to clean drinkable water.


The Year of Disasters - What's Next? 

2017 is shaping up to be remembered as the year of disasters. The last few months have been unprecedented, with devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires.

Side note: This is unbelievable to me. As I am writing this, seriously, there is a hurricane passing over the entire island of Ireland; now heading to Scotland. My husband is over there… geez. So wow, wake up call! We all need to be prepared for an emergency. Mother Nature is full of surprises.

How to Get Clean Drinking Water – Anytime, Anywhere

I am pretty passionate about my a couple of things. Being prepared and my health. And since water is key to both, I'm going to show you how you can always provide clean drinking water for your family no matter what water contaminants are in the water. The yuck can include bacteria, such as E.coli, protozoan, such as cryptosporidium or giardia and even virus and chemicals.

I hope you will take this on board, because it will help you prepare your family if there is a water pollution issue or any type of water crisis in your area.


Always Remember - Water is Key to Survival

First of all, water is the key to survival. We need it to live! So it’s of the utmost importance to be able to provide clean drinkable water for you and your family.

After many years of research, development and testing, testing, testing, I’m going to share the best water purification devices to have on hand – so you and your kids, pets and all your fun relatives have an adequate supply of clean drinking water – from any non-salt water source. Any – and all contaminated water – no matter how gross.

I repeat - purify water from ANY non-salt water source.

Causes of Water Pollution

Okay – so what it really boils down to (no pun intended) is having a water purification device on hand to provide clean drinking water no matter what your circumstances are. Why?



Contaminated Water Can Be Anywhere

Fact is, it can come out of your kitchen faucet, as it surely did in Flint Michigan. You may easily cross paths with water contamination from water you drink (and regret) on vacation or worst case – if you are involved in a natural disaster - like so many people are right now. 

And believe me, my heart goes out to all those currently suffering without food, without water, without the simple comforts of life. These are people just like you and me, Moms and Dads with thirsty kids, elderly folks, so many who were living the normal day to day life just a few short months ago. Now their lives are turned upside-down.

Where Do Water Contaminants Come From?

First off, let’s look at where these little buggers come from. Water contamination originates from many sources, which is why this information is so important. Worst case, from floods, what’s left over from hurricane debris, to the misfortune in Flint Michigan, water pollution can be just a drop away from us and our kids.

Community water sources can be compromised by sewage plants, industrial waste, pharmaceuticals, galvanized iron pipes in your area, not to mention the chemicals like chlorine and fluoride which are added on purpose.

Chlorine is used to “disinfect” the water and fluoride to prevent tooth decay. So agree with it or not - chlorine, fluoride and lots of other toxins you don’t want to be drinking are coming straight from your tap. I prefer not to ingest these things on a daily basis!

In our community, San Diego County, lead was found in water flowing from many of the school water fountains.

E.coli Water Boil Alerts

More common water contamination events occur every day. They have water boil alerts in several cities across the US on a regular basis, because of possible E.coli bacteria affecting the entire community water source. I don’t know about you, but if E.coli is present in my tap water, I want to do more than boil it!

Believe me, these types of water pollution incidents happen every day and everywhere. They effect people just like you and me with kids, babies and pets… placing them in survival mode just trying to get lifesaving clean water.

Side note about me: I do not ever drink tap water anymore. I just don’t. And I feel much better for making that decision. So keep reading and I’ll share the water purification devices I use consistently in my everyday life.

Water Quality Problem Solved - Check

These are serious problem solvers. Period. So, you can have the peace of mind when you drink your tap water from home or drinking fountains; be able to enjoy camp outs, vacations abroad and even disaster, without life threatening water contaminates. Should a water pollution crisis occur in your area here’s what you can do to prepare and be assured the water quality you’re consuming is awesome!

Now before I show you what I use, let me emphasize a couple of HUGE ISSUES! Most people are not aware of this. 

Is There a Difference Between Water Filters and Water Purifiers?

The answer is YES! So it’s important to note this, especially if you are going third world countries where virus may be present in the water. Water Filters and water purifiers are NOT the same.

Effective water purifiers remove virus and chemicals from the water.

Water filters do not remove virus and chemicals from water. They only do the big stuff, like bacteria and protozoan.

Water Purifiers remove virus and chemicals, in addition to bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, etc.

Not All Water Filters Can Do What They Claim

Additionally - and this is a sad fact, not all Water Filter Manufacturers are being totally honest with you about the abilities of the water filters they sell. This is why is use the term “Effective Water Purifiers” above.

Unfortunately, the EPA does not have the manpower or money to enforce EPA guidelines for what your water filter / water purifier should do.

BUYER BEWARE! If you have a filter claiming to filter thousands of gallons of water… mmmmm, probably not.

I feel like a broken record harping on this, but it’s a pretty important factor. Be sure to see the test results – performed by a water laboratory NOT affiliated with the manufacturer of the water filter.

So, a third party water laboratory or independent water laboratory is who should be performing these tests. Not "in-house" and not “we don’t publish that information to the public”. Bunk.

The Best Water Purifiers

I realize there are several methods of purifying water and a ton of water filters and water purification devices on the market, including tablets you can add to your water, boiling water, etc.

However, I am “all in” about the water purifiers from Sagan Life. I guess you could say Sagan Water products are "my jam" - but I am too old use those terms. LOL 

What Sagan Life Filters Remove 

Depending on the situation I highly recommend four water purification devices from Sagan Life. All have been tested by water laboratories independent from Sagan and have pretty impressive results.Water-purification-devices-from-Sagan-Life

The Journey™ Water Purification Bottle 

I never leave home without my Journey™ Water Bottle. I use it at home to filter tap water; take it to restaurants, shopping, fill it from drinking fountains at the gym, the beach, where ever. But I never, ever drink tap water. Too much risky business going on with our community water sources.

The Journey™ Water Bottle is great for camping, hiking and all outdoor adventures. Dip it in a stream and drink fresh clean, safe water! Awesome! I gotta say - I love this thing. 

The XStream™ Straw Water Purifier

This filter straw is amazing. I think the XStream™ Filter Straw is, by far, the best hiking, backpacking and survival gear ever invented. The filter is bullet proof like all Sagan Life products. 

The XStream™ Straw is 2 feet long with another 2 foot extension. So instead of laying face down in the mud by a flowing river, you can sit, stand or get clean drinkable water sitting in your boat.

I drank water from lakes, streams and dirty ponds with the XStream™ Straw - the water tasted great, was refreshing and I have never gotten sick! Again, love it! 

The AquaBrick™ Water Purification System

This is another water purifier I use in my house. I keep an AquaBrick™ Water Purification System on my kitchen counter, next to my sink. Any water I cook with, drink, make smoothies for my grand kids, or even use to steam my face comes from my AquaBrick™.

Is it beautiful? It is to me. It means my family is safe from any possible water contamination. Period.

Anyone who has just been through a disaster knows the water quality is questionable for a long time. Get an AquaBrick™! It’s awesome. Once you come through the inevitable water contamination going on in your system – you’ll be hooked. You will never go back to drinking tap water.

The AquaDrum™ Water Purification System

This water purification device works on that 55-gallon drum you’ve had sitting in your garage for the past five years. Worried about the drinking water quality of that stuff? You should be!

Sagan’s AquaDrum™ purifies and pumps out the water – totally simple to attach to the drum and works with the hand pump (included) or any variety of pumps. Simply add air to the 55-gallon drum with an electric pump, a bicycle pump or foot pump and clean drinkable water will flow from your drum. It works on 30-gallon drums and 15-gallon drums as well.

Any of you who have taken the time to put a 55-gallon drum in your garage, with emergency storage water in it should have the AquaDrum™. Works 1000 times better than the other competitors drum pumps. I have tried the top selling brand and it exploded on me. 


So let me wrap it up. Sagan Life has water purification devices for every situation, so you can provide clean drinking water for you and your family – no matter how turbid the water quality.

Thanks for reading! Please comment below and let me know what type of water purification device is your jam!