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End of Life Testing

End of Life Testing

If you’re wondering if your water filter is really doing it’s job, find out if the water filter company you use does “end of life testing”. You should be able to obtain water filter reviews on end of life testing for the water filters you are using.

What is End of Life Testing?

In our industry of water filters and water bottle filters, end of life testing simply means “testing the water filter over and over again until it’s no longer effective; and measuring the amount of water it successfully filtered.”

How it Works?

The lab takes a ton of bacteria, virus and other contaminants and dumps it into the testing drums. Then filters that gross stuff through our Sagan water filters. Both the Journey Water Filter – used in our filtered water bottles and the DuraFlo Filter – used in our AquaBrick Water Filtration System have gone through rigorous end of life testing. After 25 gallons, they check the results. All clear! Then they spike the water with another big dose of bacteria, virus, and germy scum and keep testing the same water filter. They continually re-contaminate the water after every 25 gallons and continue testing the same filter. And it comes out crystal clear, clean and pure time after time. When this filter is no longer providing clean clear water – it’s at the “end of life”.

Don’t know about the water filter you’re using now, but, we do know AquaBrick™ Water Filter and Journey™ Filtered Water Bottle has been Lab Tested & Certified by an independent water laboratory.

AquaBrick™ Water Filter is certified to remove bacteria, cryptosporidium and giarda for up to 700 gallons and certified to remove virus for up to 550 gallons. 

Journey™ Filtered Water Bottle is certified to remove bacteria, cryptosporidium and giarda, and virus for up to 300 gallons.  

These water filter test results meet or exceed established EPA water quality standards for the removal of:

99.9999% of Bacteria
99.99% of Virus
99.9% Cryptosporidium / Giardia