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HydraDyne™ Technology - Smarter Hydration - Wetter Water

Your body uses energy for a lot of things. It takes energy to walk, for organ function and even digest food (which is why everyone naps after Thanksgiving dinner - the body is using all of its energy to digest that enormous amount of food you just put in your pie hole.) It also takes a considerable amount of energy for the body to hydrate itself - until now. 

Stay hydrated while hiking with Sagan Life Water Purification

You Hike - We’ll Hydrate  

All Sagan Life Purifier filters do something other water filters can’t. They actually produce ‘wetter water’ taking on a big part of the hydrating workload, so your body doesn’t have to. We call it HydraDyne™ Technology.

HydraDyne Technology takes a huge burden off of your body. Your body doesn’t have to work so hard to absorb water, saving all that energy for more important things, like hiking, running, working out and just day to day living. Ease your body's burdens - let HydraDyne provide smarter hydration - faster and easier - so you can be living healthier, stronger and feeling great all the while. Wetter Water - the RIGHT WATER. Now HydaDyne does the work so your body doesn’t have to.

Will Drinking the Right Water Will Keep You Healthier?

HydraDyne™ Technology, developed by Sagan Life, may solve a lot of health related problems you are currently experiencing. Many of us have health issues for which we can’t determine the cause. The key is the proper hydration of your body. You’re not necessarily ‘good’ just because you drink 2 quarts of water a day. If you are not drinking the RIGHT WATER, those oodles of ounces may just be sloughed off into your vital organs and then merely flushed out of the body. They are missing the most important target - where we need hydration the most - OUR CELLS.

Happy Cells, Healthy Life

Well hydrated cells are the key to a healthy body. If for any reason nutrients are unable to influx into cells or efflux and remove the toxins from cells, the cells die due to accumulation of their own metabolic waste products. In order for toxins to leave the cells and nutrients to enter the cells, the cells must be in intimate contact with water.

Dehydrated cells metabolize in a catabolic state, which means the body starts utilizing its own tissue for energy production, resulting in degeneration of cellular health and immune response. Don't lose the message in all those big words... Over time this process may result in autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Rheumatoid Arthritis, allergies, and many more degenerative processes. With this in mind, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the dietary intake of water is in its most useful form.

If you drink tons of water and still don’t feel hydrated, energetic and healthy, HydraDyne™ Technology may be a key to improving many aspects of your life. This is a fast and easy solution to better hydration, faster absorption and a healthier, longer life.

The Key to Effective Hydration - Surface Tension of Water

If your eyes just glazed over - I get it. When I first learned about this - I totally zoned out. Now I understand the importance of the 'surface tension' of water and how it affects my health. Once you get it - you’ll be all in.

Lower surface tension in water means better hydration for your cells

Without being too technical - picture this: The water molecules at the top of a glass or around the edges of a water drop - ‘the surface molecules’ - are more interested in hanging out with their water buddies down in the water - and less interested in being social with the air. Bottom line - the surface water tension becomes more dense - less permeable, less sociable. The membrane around the surface water is a little tougher. This makes it difficult for the water to flow into and out of places where it’s needed… like our cells.

Sociable Water

Typically tap water has a Surface Tension of about 73 Dynes/cm. Dyne is the measurement used to calculate the tension. Bottom line - we need LESS tension on the surface of the water we are consuming for it to hydrate us.

The lower the surface tension - the lower the Dyne - the wetter the water. The water becomes a bit more sociable - this is good.

So the key is drinking the RIGHT WATER. Water with a lower “surface tension”. The lower the surface tension - the “wetter” the water. With a lower surface tension and a low wetting angle, cells become fully hydrated and the water is fully and most effectively utilized by the body.

Dine on a Lower Dyne

If you are consuming tap water, bottled water, filtered water - pretty much any water which has a standard surface tension you are not as healthily hydrated as you could be. Most tap water is about 73 dynes. This number is too high to properly hydrate your cells. Your body has to work to convert the water to a lower dyne of approximately 45 Dyne so it can be absorbed by human cells. This takes a lot of time and energy. Your body has to work pretty hard to absorb water at 73 Dyne.

   Typical Tap Water: 73 Dynes/cm
   Sagan Life Water:  55 Dynes/cm

Hence, while water is one of the most important things we can put into our body, only the right kind of water produces health and longevity. An individual could drink significant volumes of water at 73 dynes/cm.  At 73 dynes/cm your body has to convert fluids to allow the water to penetrate the human cells.

Hydration Facts

  • Only when water penetrates the cells can it hydrate and remove toxins from the cells.
  • The most important function of water is to hydrate your cells with the two chemical elements in water - Hydrogen and Oxygen.
  • The key to proper hydration is that all of the molecules made of hydrogen and oxygen in the water are absorbed and assimilated into your cells.

INTERESTING... People living in the Hunza Valley, in the extreme northern part of Pakistan, have life spans of 120-140 years, lead a disease free life. Hunza Valley water is said to have surface tension of about 55 Dynes.  Like I said average drinking water has surface tension of 73 Dynes.

Why HydraDyne is the Right Water - Let’s Do the Math

Benefits of HydraDyne™: Hydrates your body over 50% faster

Typical Tap Water:     73 Dynes/cm

Ideal Dyne for body:  45 Dynes

Difference in Dyne:    28 Dynes

So... we have a difference of 28 dyne to deal with for optimal hydration for your body.

Typical Tap Water:    73 Dynes/cm

Sagan Life Water:     55 Dynes/cm

Dyne reduction:        18 Dynes/cm

Since Sagan Life has already reduced that number to 18 you only have 10 dyne left to work for.

Hence, 18 divided by 28 = 64%

With HydraDyne you are hydrating 64% faster because the filter has already lowered the dyne that much closer to 45. Cool.

All Sagan Life Purification Products are designed using HydraDyne™ Technology. We also only purify - a cut above filtration. For the best in hydration and water purification, live a Sagan Life.