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Aqua Veritas

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Aqua Veritas Micro Water Filter Quality Association

Aqua Veritas means “Truthfulness in Water”.

A group of water filter manufacturing companies are joining forces, to help you – the consumer, get the real scoop on what water filters in the marketplace can really do. Aqua Veritas is a free service providing information to consumers about water filters currently available on the market. Their goal is to let the consumer know if the claims being made by the manufacturer – regarding the life of the filter, effectiveness of the filter, etc., are actually backed up by Independent Laboratory testing. If water filters are not up to EPA standards, your health may be in jeopardy.

We are excited to join Aqua Veritas, as we feel strongly that the consumer should never be mislead. Sagan has had conclusive testing done by independent labs on all of our water filters.

We are happy to share our amazing results.

Their Mission Statement:


"OUR PURPOSE is to promote the hightest ethical standards pertaining to the micro water filter industry.

OUR MISSION is to provide consumers, businesses, charitable organizations and government agencies with credible, independent laboratory “End of Useful Life” testing to substantiate the water filtration claims being made by manufacturers of micro water filter products.

OUR GOAL is to help consumers make intelligent choices on micro water filtration products which they rely upon for personal health and wellness."

If you have purchased a water filter or filtered water bottle of any type claiming it will, for example, remove bacteria for 100,000 gallons or remove virus, etc. that’s great.  Just make sure they have the test results to prove it.

All manufacturers of water filtration products should be able to back up the claims made about all of their products. It is unacceptable and unfair to the consumer to be mislead in any way, especially when you consider the serious repercussions which could occur from any misinformation.

If you suddenly find yourself in an emergency situation and need to find clean safe drinking water OR if you are traveling abroad and think you can safely drink the water in a third world country – you want to be sure the claims your water filter is making are true.

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