• Sep 28, 2017
  • by April Muir

The Best Emergency Water Storage - Blue Can Water vs Puravai -

If you’re a fan of Blue Can Water as your choice for Emergency Water Storage watch this comparison video by JJ Johnson, a former US Air Force Combat Survival Instructor. He puts Blue Can Water up against Puravai Emergency Drinking Water.

His final comment was – "I usually don’t give any product a 10, but outside of possibly changing the color of the Puravai bottle to a green or tan (for tactical purposes) I give it a 10".

If you are getting ready to set up emergency storage water or replenish what you had this is a must see...

NOTE: This review is completely the findings and opinion of JJ Johnson of Reality Survival. Sagan Life asked him to review both products. Sagan Life also commissioned an independent water laboratory to test both products for bacteria,  so the Sagan Life name appears on the water test results.

Because of these findings, we do sell Puravai Water on our website, as we believe it is a superior emergency water storage product.

Here are the highlights of JJ's comparison:

1. You cannot freeze Blue Can Water without seriously compromising the container – which lets bacteria in.
The Puravai Water Container froze pretty well; stayed sealed and the cap stayed on.

2. Blue Can Water dented easily during shipping.
Puravai Water arrived in great condition. Both Blue Can and Puravai boxes had been treated roughly in transit and were shipped in the same type box.

3. Blue Can Water cans got holes in them being knocked off a truck bed about 3 feet off the ground
Puravai withstood being knocked off with no problem.

4. Puravai withstood the toss test: JJ throwing the Puravai container about 20 feet in the air and letting it hit the ground. Still no damage.

5. Puravai withstood the throw-down test; JJ throwing down the Puravai water bottle hard into the ground - a 250 lb man.

6. Puravai only failed after being slammed down with extreme force about 3 times. The lid broke open.

7. Both Blue Can Water and Puravai withstood being stepped on top of the can and Puravai container by a 250 lb man.

8. Laying the containers sideways, Puravai Water withstood the weight of a 250 lb man and did not crush. Blue Can Water immediately began to leak and sprayed water out, the lid became deformed.

9. The Puravai container is thick plastic. “It feels like the HDPE material,” says JJ. Strong and resilient plastic. Strong thread. Triple sealed.

10. Puravai Drinking Water container is food grade, BPA free and can be used over and over again thousands of times. A reusable container is excellent to have in an emergency situation - very heavy-duty bottle.

11. Most bottled water leaches plastic chemicals into the water and the packaging breaks down.

12. “Blue Can claims a 50-year shelf life. But water vapor transfer seems inevitable due to the type of the flimsy can” says JJ.

13. Blue Can has a pressurized system, so if it pops when you open it you know its intact.

14. Puravai has 3 types of seals.

15. Price: Puravai Emergency Drinking Water is less expensive than Blue Can Water
Cost per liter: Blue Can: $5.64             Puravai: $4.04 per liter

16. Bacteria testing: tested by same lab.

17. Colony forming units(CFU’s).
Puravai is 100% Bacteria Free. Contained 0 Colony forming units.
Blue Can Water tests confirmed considerable CFU's of bacteria in the water.

Blue Can Water Test 

Puravai Water Test

18. Puravai container is resealable. 
Blue Can – once it’s open, it’s open.

19. Packaging is the same as a military canteen in the Puravai bottle.

20. Blue Can claims heat will not affect the taste.

21. Puravai Water can be stored up to 150 degrees.

22. Puravai Water container is a non-reflective surface, if needed to be used in a tactical situation.
Blue Can Water aluminum can is very reflective.

23. JJ suggested making Puravai in military green or tan for survivalists.

24. “Blue Can is one step above bottled water,” says JJ.

25. Puravai is the best emergency water he has ever seen. Pure water; tastes good.

26. JJ was disappointed in Blue Can Water.

27. JJ gave Puravai a rating of 10 – which he said is unusual for him.