• Sep 26, 2018
  • by A. Easton

Do you ever find yourself postponing your water break; skimping on sipping from your hydration pack even though you’re well on your way to dehydration? Just to avoid the taste of plastic and rubber - forgoing the hydration you desperately need on a climb, backpacking trip or rigorous hike? Yea, nothing more disappointing than being beyond thirsty, packing a long steep trail, sweating like your in the shower. So you finally give in and slurp a sip from your hydra pack.

And there it is… boom. The undeniably most unappetizing sensation of flavor ever tasted by man - plastic. Or is it the smooth taste of rubber? Either way - the grossness is unbearable. Good news. We have a solution which is unsurpassed.


New Awesome Inline Water Filter for Hydration Bladder Backpacks

Check out the NEW Inline Water Purifier from Sagan Life. It’s capabilities are beyond awesome. Not only will your hydration pack taste better, it has a few other features which are unrivaled. (Cool Mazama Bladder is not included - but look how nicely the InLine fits).

Inline water filter for hydration packs

Makes ANY non-salt water source safe water.

The Inline proprietary purifier removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli; 99.99% protozoan, such as giardia and cryptosporidium; REMOVES 99.99% VIRUS! 

It’s been Tested and Proven.

Proven to purify 250 gallons of any non-salt water source, rivers, lakes, flood water. Removes unwanted toxins from tap water. Ideal to pack in disaster packs and go bags. The test results are available on SaganLife.com.

Purification - Not just filtration.

A water purifier is definitely the way to go when looking for a clean drinking water solution. It’s capabilities are much stronger and it will remove virus should you stumble into a water source with it! That means this water purifier can be used to purify any water source - anywhere in the world!

Better Hydration.

All Sagan Life Purifiers have a little bonus feature which is pretty remarkable. It’s called HydraDyne Technology and it’s pretty powerful. The gist of it is this… these purifiers lower the surface tension of water. The takeaway here is it makes the water easier for our bodies to absorb. Less work for the bod - more energy to do hike, bike and backpack. Plus the hydration is more effective because the water is absorbed by the cells - which is right where we need it.

Having hydrated cells means the toxins are flushed out making us more healthy overall! It’s fantastic what your body can do with the right water. We call it wetter water.

The New InLine Water Purifier is a must if you use a hydration pack and are over the plastic taste. Plus, the purifier can be used as a gravity fed filter and will do up to 3 cups per minute… and did I mention it purifies up to 250 gallons?

It’s awesome. Get Inline.