• Aug 18, 2017
  • by April Muir

Note: I write this will all due respect to the AquaMira® Company. But this was my real life experience. The proof is in the video.

You Deserve the Best Water Filtration Products 

Everyone has stuff they hate about their jobs. This is mine - calling out a pretty sub-standard 55 gallon drum water filter product, made by a well-known company. Something many of you may have in your emergency kit. When you’re dealing with water filtration equipment, you want to be sure you have products which are reliable when you need them. My job is to check out other company’s products to see how they perform.

This was a toughy. Pretty much a disaster from the get go. You never know what to expect when you test drive products, but we are in this to make the water filtration industry more accountable for the products they sell to you.

We're Committed to Telling the Real Story

Our policy at Sagan is truth first. When we got into the business of creating superb, reliable water filters, it was because so many companies out there were making claims which are just not feasible. In fact, some are more than false claims – they are out and out lies.

So, this is why I do this. Simply telling the truth about discoveries with water filter products we are testing. While it doesn’t make me feel good to speak badly about other companies, I would be doing a disservice to people everywhere to keep this to myself. Providing our customers with the most effective water filtration products on the market is our mission. Additionally, any helpful information we find along the way will be passed along to you.

So here goes.

55 Gallon Drum Water Filter Showdown

Today we tested the AquaMira® WaterBasics™ Emergency Pump and Filter Kit against the Sagan AquaDrum™ Water Filtration System. Those of you who have 55 gallon drums full of water - which you may someday need to use - deserve the facts. 

Results of the 55 Gallon Drum Showdown

We decided to dive in and give one of the most popular 55 gallon drum pump kits out there a test run. You better keep reading or watch the video if this is the water filter you have in your emergency storage.

Testing the AquaMira® WaterBasics™

I really had no idea things could go so badly with a review. This is honestly hard to write because I hate to cap on products. But like I said when you’re dealing with emergency water and water filter equipment you need to know the truth!

I noticed on the video AquaMira® does about the WaterBasics™ filter they do not show it in use. They simply assemble it on camera and tell you how awesome the filter is. It may be a good filter, but if the pump is falling apart in your hands it doesn’t do you much good, does it?

So, I got all the components together and followed the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble it. It wasn't hard to put together, but then the fun began.

The AquaMira® Pump Kit Tubing Adventure

After I put together the AquaMira® WaterBasics™ Filter and Pump it was time to test it in an actual 55-gallon drum – with water! I carefully inserted the water filter tubing (attached to the cap, pump and water filter) into the water barrel. To my shock and horror (LOL) the tubing came off and was floating down inside the 55 gallon drum… Shoot! Now what? Honestly, I had taken great care to make sure I had done everything possible to ensure proper assembly – so be super careful if you have this water filter pump kit.

AquaMira Water Basics Emergency Water Filter Kit

Being the creative mind I am (haha) I found a wire coat hanger and pair of cheap tongs. I was at our offices, so just stared rummaging until I found the proper “tools”.

I was victorious! I carefully fished the tubing out with the hook of the hanger and grabbed it with the tongs – just about knocking over my camera during the process… but I did get it out.

Water Filter Explosion

This was definitely a low point for the AquaMira® water filter kit, but unfortunately it gets worse. After assembling it again… still to perfection, I could not get the water to pump out of the water barrel at all. I had everything put together correctly, including making sure the WaterBasics™ water filter was inserted the right way.

Nothin’. So, I called in help, provided by one of my co-workers. He examined the entire water pump, filter, etc., and we attempted to use the pump.

Once again – we had what I would call catastrophic results. The whole front part of the water filter pump, including the filter just blew off! In a real-life situation, if you were counting on that water for your family, it would be devastating.

Repairing the AquaMira® WaterBasics™ Filter

Putting the water pump and filter back together was very challenging. Obviously, they don’t put instructions in there as to how to put this thing back together should it explode! One of the pieces (a little black circular piece) was the most confusing. We put it back on how it made the most sense to us… but when we tried it the next day, having it face the other direction worked better.

AquaMira Water Basics Water Filter Kit Explosion

Ready for My Shower

Well, I really wanted this thing to work, so once we put it together I gave it my best shot. In the video, you really cannot see the constant spray of water heading back at me. It was kind of like pointing a super soaker at yourself and pulling the trigger. It was nearly impossible to pump and did keep falling apart in my hands. When it first exploded the gasket – quite cheap to begin with, came loose. Now the whole thing just kept falling apart.

AquaMira® WaterBasics™ Review – Take Two

I really wanted to give this water filter pump a fair shot, so I decided to take another look at it the next day. Wore the same clothes, for the video shoot – now clean and dry!

I took the WaterBasics™ Pump and Filter Kit apart and flipped the black disc I mentioned earlier to be concave in the pump. It looked wrong to me, but it sure wasn’t working the other way.

This time we had better luck. I was able to pump water out the filter and it was somewhat successful. Pieces did keep falling off and coming apart, but I was able to extract water from the 55 gallon drum.

What’s in Your Emergency Kit [the AquaMira® WaterBasics™ Emergency Pump and Filter Kit???]

If you are counting on the AquaMira® water filter kit to pump water out of your water barrel or any vessel in an emergency, I would get it out and give it a test run – ASAP. If you are conscientious enough to have a 55 gallon water drum and water pump – I know you expect it to work! Click here to watch the entire "Showdown" video. 

Excellence in Water Filtration

If you don’t have a water filter and pump for your 55 gallon drum – now’s the time to get one! Sagan Life takes great pride in all of our water filtration products. We have done research and development on every one of them for the past 5 years, so you know you are getting water filter bottles, water filter straws and water filtration systems which work!

Facts About the AquaDrum™

Sagan has a superb 55-gallon drum pump & filter kit – the AquaDrum™ Water Filtration System. The AquaDrum™ water filter and pump kit is extremely effective and reliable. We are pretty psyched about it! We actually did a short video on the AquaDrum, so be sure to check out the results.

55 Gallon Drum Pump Kit by Sagan

The AquaDrum™ filter is super effective removing bacteria, virus, giardia, cryptosporidium and lots of other fun toxins you may have floating around in your water barrel. After all – if you have a 55 gallon drum in your garage or basement - that water has probably been in there for a while – am I right? The AquaDrum™ Filter purifies 250 gallons of contaminated water (while the AquaMira® Water Basics only does 120).  

Note: The AquaDrum™ Water Filtration System works great on 30 gallon and 15 gallon water barrels. 

Additionally, as with all of the Sagan Life products, the 55 gallon drum water filter pump has been tested – until it’s “end of life”. Simply put, we have independent water research labs test our filters until they no longer work.

Versatile Ways to Pressurize the 55 Gallon Drum with the AquaDrum

The AquaDrum™ comes with hand pump which is compact and easy to use. However, any common type of pump will work well to pressurize the drum. Pumps you may already have on hand, such as a foot pump, bicycle pump, or electric air compressor (if electricity is available) will all pressurize the water drum. 

Are Your Water Filters Safe?

Don’t click away yet. This is kind of a huge deal. Fact is, proper testing is not done by many water filtration companies in the industry. The Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) does not have the time or money to keep an eye on personal water filtration systems – which when you use them – may be needed to keep your family alive. I know that sounds like a yawn, yawn, but there are a lot of folks out there who have been lead to believe they have a water filter which claims to do things IT CAN NOT DO. Sad, but true.

Hence, the reason we are so adamant about reliable water filters that work at Sagan. So – we’ve done a lot of research on competitor’s water filters and intend to share all the results... the good, the bad and the ugly.

We will continue to test products out there on the shelf. They are our competitors – and we are happy if you purchase their products. We just want you to get a water filter which works. It could mean the difference between health and illness - or even life and death.