• Nov 03, 2017
  • by A. Easton

So - you have a 55 gallon drum in your garage full of emergency water storage. That’s great! You’re planning ahead in case of emergency. The 55-gallon drum is a great size, doesn’t take up too much space and gives you a good supply of emergency water.

The Big Question though – how are you going to get the water out? You really want to make sure you have a fool proof 55 gallon drum pump – otherwise, you just look prepared, but you’re not! 

Make Sure You Have a Drum Pump that will Get the Water Out! 

Keep in mind, not all 55 gallon drum pumps are created equal! In this video I am going to show you an awesome 55-gallon drum pump. The AquaDrum Water Filtration System not only pumps water out of your 55-gallon drum – it filters the water at the same time. So, if your water has been in that plastic barrel for a year or two – or 10, no worries.


The AquaDrum Water Filtration System comes equipped with an extremely effective filter which removes bacteria, protozoan and even virus. The Aquadrum is easy to assemble, simply quick connect the parts together; drop the filter into the barrel and you’ve got 55 gallons of clean drinking water. 

Pump Options for your 55 Gallon Drum

The AquaDrum comes with a pretty effective hand pump. But let me show you several other ways to get your emergency water storage out of your drum with other pumps you may already have on hand. 

A Basic Bicycle Pump 

First up - A basic bicycle pump. A lot of you cyclists may have a basic bike pump on hand. Simply twist off the hand pump hose and attach the bike pump to the air portal on the cap. Clap down to lock and pump air into your 55-gallon drum. Soon you’ll have clean water flowing from the spigot.

Use Foot Pump with the AquaDrum Water Filtration System

Second, a big old foot pump will do the trick as well. If you have one of these around to inflate rafts or other inflatable objects, this will do the trick. Simply attach the foot pump with a piece of the tubing which comes with your kit. Attach one end to the air spout of the foot pump and twist the other end of tubing onto the air portal on the AquaDrum Cap. Now it’s time to step on the foot pump to inflate your drum. This pump works quickly so you won’t get much of a work out, but you will get a great flow of water from your drum! 

Electric Air Pump - Uber Inflator  

This electric bike pump is amazing. We have used this thing with only 3” of water in the bottom of the barrel. It inflated the barrel and clean drinking water practically came flying out of the spigot.

To use the electric bike pump remove your hand pump and place the air spout of the bike pump over the air portal of the drum cap. Lock it down as you would if you were inflating a tire. Turn it on and it will quickly pressurize your drum. You can tell when the drum is full of air by gently rocking it. If it rocks – it’s full of air and ready to go. The electric pump works fast and gets a good flow.

Use Any Type of Pump with this 55 Gallon Drum Pump

So, basically any type of pump you have which fits over the air portal works with the AquaDrum to pump clean water out of your 55 gallon drum.

No pump. No problem! Just open the spigot and drink right from the barrel! It’s like a big straw! It works great especially if you’re really thirsty.

One more handy task for your AquaDrum - attach the pump to the end of the spigot, and using the hand pump and squirt out water, should you want to wash off something or someone! Simply twist off the spigot, and attach the end of the hand pump to the hose. Arrow should be facing in the direction of the water flow.
Whatever type of pump you have – test it out. We recently did a video on a popular 55-gallon drum pump that failed miserably.

So, bottom line – make sure you have a 55 gallon drum pump that’ll get the water out!